Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-427-2866.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
A. Rancourt Principal 52300
M. Neubauer Vice-Principal 52300
M. Heiler Head Secretary 52303
L. Ali Secretary 52300
J. Azzolin/F. Desormeaux Kindergarten 40862/40037
S. Gregg/S. Cameron Kindergarten 42067/40678
M. Kelly/M. Taylor Kindergarten 40718/40868
Miss L./L. Arts Kindergarten 42023/42023
K.A. Smith/ A.Del Gatto Kindergarten 40483/40054
L. Hoyne Grade 1 (French Immersion) 42130
S. Ibrahim Grade 1 (French Immersion  
S. Smith Grade 1 (French Immersion) 40910
T. Stephan Grade 1 (French Immersion) 40038
A. Chammas Grade 2 (French Immersion)  
M. Lin Grade 2 (French Immersion) 40878
S.Oakes Grade 2 (French Immersion) 40877
D. Pilon Grade 2 (French Immersion) 40883
N. Carter Grade 2/3 (French Immersion)  
V. Cox Grade 3 (French Immersion) 40881
N. Flechas Grade 3 (French Immersion) 40892
M. Lindsay Grade 3 (French Immersion) 40870
S. Corbett Grade 4 (French Immersion) 40908
W. Keldi Grade 4 (French Immersion)  
D. MacKinnon Grade 4 (French Immersion) 40899
H. Rogers Grade 5 (French Immersion) 40735
P. Ruthard Grade 5 (French Immersion) 40882
S. Smith Grade 5 (French Immersion)  
J. Beauchamp-Wilson Grade 6 (French Immersion) 40667
E. Chaisson Grade 6 (French Immersion) 40864
J. Bou Zeid Grade 6 (French Immersion)  
V. Dumo Grade 7 (French Immersion)  
T. Sherry Grade 7 (French Immersion) 40867
R. Reid Grade 7 (French Immersion)  
R. Reid Grade 7 (French Immersion)  
M. Bedarf Grade 8 (French Immersion) 40861
N. Parsons Grade 8 (French Immersion) 40876
P. Kumentas Librarian 40890
P. Bosley Educational Assistant  
A. Condron Educational Assistant  
D. Kidd Educational Assistant  
C. Meehan-Charbula Educational Assistant  
R. Kay Program Support 42101
J. Reid Program Support 41561
W. Myers ESL Teacher 40484
D. Atkinson In-School Resource (Prep) 40871
D. Comeau In-School Resource (Prep) 40901
L. Holmes In-School Resource (Prep) 40874
P. Kumentas In-School Resource (Prep) 40890
K. Rumboldt In-School Resource (Prep) 40905
C. Samman In-School Resource (Prep) 40908
L. Taglioni In-School Resource (Prep)  
D. Morgan Custodian 42133
M. Wilson Custodian 42071

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